The H2Heat Project

Pioneering Green Hydrogen for Sustainable Heating Solutions

The H2Heat Project is an EU funded project implemented by a elevent-organisations consortium led by PLOCAN.

At H2Heat, our vision is clear: a future where sustainable energy powers every aspect of our lives. We’re thrilled to introduce you to a groundbreaking initiative that’s transforming the landscape of energy consumption and environmental responsibility.

By collaborating closely with the Canary Island Health Service (SCS) and our coordinating partner, PLOCAN, we’re driving the adoption of renewable energy generation, green hydrogen production, and the decarbonization of hospital facilities across the Canary Islands.

The H2Heat Project is on a mission to showcase the complete journey of green hydrogen (H2) – from production to application.  We are driven by a singular mission: to demonstrate the full value chain of green hydrogen production and its application in commercial building heating. 


H2Heat Towards a Sustainable Future

Our commitment extends beyond technology. We are dedicated to creating a replicable model for H2 adoption, fostering sustainable business models, and creating wide-scale commercial use of hydrogen as a direct heating alternative across the Canary Islands. By leveraging the collective expertise of our consortium partners, we’re not just realising technical goals; we’re lowering the total cost of H2 ownership and creating a blueprint for a greener future.

Innovations That Matter

H2 Generation

Partnering with Stargate, we’re utilising a state-of-the-art 1MW electrolyzer to produce hydrogen. This hydrogen will replace conventional fuels, effectively meeting the heating demands of a significant end-user, an SCS hospital. Stargate’s revolutionary ceramics-based electrode materials guarantee high efficiency at low cost.

Advanced H2-CHP

Collaborating with 2G, a global leader in hydrogen-powered cogeneration (H2-CHP) technology, we’re implementing an advanced 100% hydrogen-powered cogeneration system. This technology will provide heating for the University Maternal and Children’s Island Hospital (CHUIMI), marking significant strides in H2-CHP capabilities.

Integration Innovation

Our project integrates a heat pump with the H2-CHP system, harnessing the energy produced to substantially enhance the hospital’s heating supply. This pioneering integrated H2-CHP configuration stands as a testament to our commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

Renewable Energy Backbone

Partnering with Esteyco, we’re tapping into the renewable energy produced by the EU-funded ELICA and WHEEL projects. Offshore RE from Esteyco turbines will be a cornerstone of our green hydrogen production process.

Digital Revolution

H2Heat embraces digital innovation, introducing a comprehensive control system for H2 production. Our sophisticated energy management system (EMS), demand management system (DMS), and SCADA technology ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

Complete Utilisation

Recognizing the needs of our end-user hospitals, we maximise resource efficiency by utilising the valuable oxygen (O2) by-product, minimising waste and maximising impact.

H2Heat Work Packages

H2Heat will be implemented in the period from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2028.

During this phase, we will create a comprehensive project plan, which includes budgeting, a detailed Gantt chart, obtaining all necessary permissions and permits, conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), forecasting resource and demand requirements, conducting a site survey, performing a techno-economic analysis, developing a Health and Safety (H&S) strategy and plan. Additionally, we will continue to conduct environmental impact studies throughout the testing period.

This phase involves creating detailed designs, functional specifications, and technical specifications for innovative technologies. It also includes the procurement of the overarching control system and all project equipment, including components, as well as preparing the site for hydrogen (H2) production and storage.

During this phase, we will deliver all technologies and equipment that require innovation and construction. This includes the development of software for the Control System. We will also connect the renewable energy power cabling. The Test Team will provide the Test strategy and plans with comprehensive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), covering Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), and full demonstration trials. Before transporting to the H2HEAT location, each technology partner’s facility must successfully pass the FAT. We will prepare and equip the H2 facility, including the electrolyser and storage. All equipment will be delivered to the appropriate location, either the PLOCAN H2 site facility or the hospital consumer, and will be installed accordingly.

In this phase, we will fully commission, demonstrate, and test the entire supply chain, starting from converting renewable energy (RE) to producing hydrogen, and finally generating heating at the hospital. The demonstration will involve thorough monitoring and optimization cycles.

This work package (WP) runs concurrently with the phases mentioned above and collaborates closely with WP7 Dissemination & Communication. It will set up an Exploitation Working Group and deliver a comprehensive Exploitation Plan.

This work package will oversee all various activities and handle potential risks. It will form an Advisory Board and make the best use of the expertise these valuable individuals bring. Additionally, this work package will address intellectual property (IP) and knowledge management strategies as well as project contracting.

This work package will run concurrently with the project and will be responsible for both the initial and ongoing socio-economic analysis. To ensure that H2HEAT is embraced by society, this work package will involve engaging with Quadruple Helix (QH), and community stakeholders, including local authorities, industry, research institutions, and civil society. H2HEAT will identify local community champions to serve as representatives.

Project Consortium: Joining Forces for Change

H2Heat recognizes that knowledge and collaboration are key drivers of progress. We’re not just here to inform; we’re here to engage. Our Quadruple Helix approach – uniting industry, research, government, civil society, and investors – is at the core of our strategy. Together, we’ll transcend barriers, spark awareness, and co-create solutions that propel us towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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