Unlocking the Secrets of the Ocean: PLOCAN’s Digital Ecosystem Revolution

Unlocking the Secrets of the Ocean: PLOCAN’s Digital Ecosystem Revolution 1024 768 H2Heat Project

The mysteries of the ocean have captivated humanity for centuries. Its vast depths hold countless secrets waiting to be discovered and understood. Thanks to the advancements in technology and the tireless efforts of organizations like PLOCAN (Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias), we are now witnessing a revolution in ocean exploration through the development of a digital ecosystem.

PLOCAN’s commitment to marine research and innovation has led them to create a cutting-edge digital ecosystem that is transforming our understanding of the ocean. By harnessing the power of technology, PLOCAN is unlocking new possibilities for scientific discovery and sustainable resource management.

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PLOCAN lead coordinator of the H2Heat project

The H2Heat project will be using PLOCAN’s ocean platform in order to install Esteyco’s 1MW wind turbine. The H2HEAT Coordinator will bring the experience from four EU projects that PLOCAN also coordinates, some of them being GRRIP, OPUS and SECURE.

PLOCAN has set aside land near Las Palmas, Gran Canaria for the H2HEAT project’s H2 facility. Resource surveys will include access to historic records of wind, solar, and bathometric surveys (future involvement of solar and wave). Measurements will be completed to correlate predictions for location accuracy. Further steps include examining the lack of correlation between the energy supplies, use of the latest models for forecasting wind and solar, paying specific attention to variations throughout the year. The data will allow simulation of current and future energy demand.

This section will delve into the remarkable achievements made possible by PLOCAN’s digital ecosystem. We will explore how this innovative platform is revolutionizing marine research and paving the way for exciting new discoveries. From underwater robotics to real-time data analysis, PLOCAN’s digital ecosystem is at the forefront of technological advancements that are shaping our understanding of the world beneath the waves.

Join us as we dive deep into PLOCAN‘s groundbreaking work and uncover how their digital ecosystem is unraveling the secrets of the ocean, opening up new avenues for exploration, conservation, and sustainable development.

In a world increasingly focused on understanding and preserving our natural environment, technology has taken center stage in the quest to explore the depths of the ocean. PLOCAN, a pioneer in this field, has created a groundbreaking digital ecosystem spanning 24 square kilometers of sensorized ocean floor. This unique system provides unparalleled access to the wonders of the deep, allowing researchers and scientists from around the globe to unlock the mysteries of marine behavior and environments.


Beneath the Waves: A World of Sensors

The heart of PLOCAN’s innovation lies beneath the ocean’s surface, where electrical infrastructures and a network of sensors have been meticulously installed. These sensors offer real-time insights into marine life and conditions, creating a digital window into the underwater world. Submarine cables connect this sensory wonderland, ensuring a continuous flow of data that enriches our understanding of the ocean’s complex ecosystem.

Above and Beyond: Aerial Surveillance

But PLOCAN’s reach extends far beyond the ocean floor. In the skies above, aerial drones and satellites work in harmony to capture high-resolution images and data. These cutting-edge technologies provide vital information about ocean trends and relationships, including currents, waves, and temperature fluctuations. This aerial perspective is essential for comprehensive marine research.

A Magnet for Talent

PLOCAN’s mission is not just about technology; it’s also about attracting top talent in the fields of business and science. Collaborations with European data banks, businesses, scientists, and universities have become the norm. Each new partnership brings fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the table, helping PLOCAN adapt to the evolving needs of its projects.

Solutions for a Sustainable Future

The projects stemming from PLOCAN’s collaborations span a wide range of areas crucial to ocean sustainability. These include autonomous navigation, aquaculture, security, energy extraction, and environmental management. By addressing these diverse challenges, PLOCAN is actively contributing to a more sustainable ocean economy.

Expanding Knowledge Horizons

PLOCAN’s partnerships extend to numerous universities and research centers, expanding our collective knowledge of the ocean and its ecosystems. One such initiative is the creation of a digital twin of the ocean. This ambitious project aims to represent oceanic changes accurately through dynamic visualizations and scientific insights. It offers a valuable tool for understanding and predicting ocean behavior.

Tech Oceans: A Cross-European Collaboration

Tech Oceans is another exemplary project, uniting European efforts to develop new in-situ sensing, imaging, and autonomous sampling technologies. These innovations promise a deeper understanding of the chemistry and biology of our oceans. PLOCAN’s test site, ocean observatory, and fleet of autonomous marine vehicles play pivotal roles in gathering vital data on ocean biochemistry, biology, and ecosystems that were previously inaccessible.

In an era where preserving our oceans is not just a goal but a necessity, the organisation’s pioneering efforts in technology and collaboration shine as a beacon of hope. With each innovation and partnership, they move closer to unlocking the secrets of the ocean, fostering a sustainable future for our planet’s most mysterious and vital ecosystem.

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